How do we Evaluate?

This is not an easy task to accomplish! Both sustainability as well as wellbeing are complex concepts and may have several interpretations. What we are looking for is those projects and properties that have already made successful attempts of combining these two. The 99 Lighthouses is not an ‘official’ list and there is no first or second. More importantly there are great and inspiring examples, initiatives and lessons learned that can be meaningful and applicable to others.

The founders and partners of HTWWLife represent wide range of expertise. We have been involved in sustainable development and planning, wellbeing mapping and engineering as well as destination management or stewardship projects just to name the most important ones.

We are  interested in learning about the ethos behind the development or project and we want to learn about the sustainability and wellbeing-oriented DNA. The process is really simple: there are only a few questions the applicant may need to fill in. All you need to do is to provide evidence of the paralel application of the two concepts.

We work together with carefully selected partners and experts who can help us in identifying the most suitable examples. We will announce the list of partners very soon!