Destination Wellbeing Landscape – A Destination-level Solution

The HTWWLife Destination Wellbeing Landscape enlists every relevant player and stakeholder that can play important role in creating and offering valuable wellbeing experiences at destination level. Governments, DMOs, clusters and associations, as well industry stakeholders benefit from the HTWW Destination Wellbeing Landscape methodology. It is understood that the roles and the responsibilities are different. The likely activities and tasks of a destination management body are different from what an individual hotel, hot spring facility, clinic or spa may need to contribute. The key is how to define, optimize and coordinate the delivery of such services. HTWWLife is in the position of being able to initiate, coordinate and facilitate the efforts of the stakeholders.

Destination Wellbeing Landscape

Health orientation may be offered at large variety of facilities and businesses. Wellbeing-improving services can also be defined and developed in many forms and ways. The key is the shared understanding of the type of wellbeing orientation and/or specialisation. Often rather small steps may become critical components of destination development. The challenge as well as the art of our work is to be able to identify and define the most appropriate alternative.


HTWWLife Destination Wellbeing Landscape support services include:


  • Destination Development Strategy and Action Plan – Strategic solutions at national, regional, and local level
  • Organisational development – DMO, health destination management support and capacity building
  • Destination Marketing – Strategy, planning and mentoring
  • Monitoring and Impact Assessment – Impact monitoring during operation phase looking at economic, social and environmental parameters