The Experience Gym – Hands-on Solutions

Destinations, hospitality brands, independent hotels, spas or hospitals, wellness product and service providers are all in the business of creating and selling wellbeing enhancing experiences. These experiences, however, are of a very personal or even of confidential nature. Not only in hospitality and leisure, but especially in healthcare scenarios the design of the guest/patient journey is critical. The wellnessified guest/patient journeys improve guest and patient satisfaction and wellbeing. The HTWWLife Experience Gym help providers in designing, developing, and implementing their wellbeing experience (WX) programme. The WX approach is the wellbeing-oriented application of user experience (UX/CX) service design concept to healthcare, wellness, and spa environments. The Experience Gym defines fitting solutions and trains clients to move from the service business stage to the transformation business, i.e., to the business when guests are happy to become engaged in treatments, services and experiences since they can see the benefits they will receive.

The Experience Gym

The Experience Gym services include:


  • Conceptual Definition – What will make the guest/patient experience smooth as well as memorable?
  • WX D – Wellbeing Experience Mapping and Definition – Which are the guest/patient journey touchpoints?
  • WX E – Wellbeing Experience Engineering – Guest/patient journey design
  • rWX – Responsible Wellbeing Experience – Blending responsible travel/consumption requirements.
  • Implementation Support – Mentoring management and floor staff