Welligma Heatmap

The WElligma Heatmap – Mapping the Hottest Strategic Questions (Tool #3)

Heatmaps are decision making tools. A heatmap summarizes all the critical tasks, actions, and considerations. Not the number of items in the red section is important but more like the associated impact and cost implications. Both in medical and wellness tourism, and for any other business in leisure, recreation and entertainment a heatmap gives a well grounded summary of potential development questions and risks ahead.

One of the critical Welligma Tools is the Welligma Heatmap. This strategic planning and management tool highlights all areas and actions that are necessary to make a business either more wellnessified or wellness-ready.

As a popular and powerful C-suite tool the adapted Welligma Heatmap provides the management with a clear consideration of the future development options.

The WElligma Heatmap