Innovation & Intelligence

HTWWLife proudly thrives on industry and market intelligence. It is in our DNA that we constantly explore, research, and analyse environmental factors and industry changes. We believe that such explorative approach qualifies as an essential input for any successful, sustainable and wellbeing-oriented project and destination development.

Industry Intelligence & Innovation

Converging Travel, Leisure, Hospitality, Health and Wellbeing

Wellbeing-related solutions, treatments, and destinations have been providing health improving benefits, preventive and healing services for centuries. Healthy or healthier alternatives, treatments, programmes, rituals have gained momentum recently. Offering wellbeing-improving options and adapting wellbeing-focused design is no longer a luxury. It is very much part of entry-level offerings.

HTWWLife  (formerly Health Tourism Worldwide) is a global intelligence and advisory group. It was launched in 2012 by László Puczkó (PhD MSc MA CMC) and Melanie Smith (PhD MSc MA).

 HTWWLife applies and incorporates they very ethos of wellbeing into anything we do. Working together with organizations, developers and brands in the hospitality, wellness, healthcare, spa, recreation, hot spring and leisure arenas for 20+ years have made very much aware of the importance of local circumstances. We have been the preferred partners for regional and national destination management organizations, governmental bodies and international organizations aiming at health tourism and wellbeing service development. What makes us really unique is the holistic approach to wellbeing ranging from medical interventions, through wellness modalities to wellnessification of leisure as well as work environments, we apply academic rigour to everything we do.

Our market knowledge and wisdom are being shared on numerous platforms and in many channels. We have helped national and local governments, industry associations and clusters, private investors and developers to achieve their goals in health destination, wellness and medical tourism, wellness property development or in performance improvement. We have trained and mentored hundreds of students and industry practitioners. We have authored pioneering publications on health, wellness and medical tourism, wellnessification of lesiure for commercial as well as for academic publishers. See our Projects.