Wellnessification & Marketing – Value-adding Solutions

A marketing strategy is more than communication or advertisement. HTWWLife’s marketing approach always start conceptual definition or revision, and product development. The marketing strategy defines key objectives, while the plan provides the tactical steps for implementation. It is advocated that facilities and destinations apply the wellnessification approach and define their wellness stories. The Segmentation/Targeting/Positioning (STP) trilogy translates and represents of what a company, brand, destination or service stands for. HTWWLife’s lifestyle-based STP approach provides the critical foundations for a competitive market presence.

Wellnessification & Marketing services include:


  • Marketing strategy and planning – From product development to implementation
  • Experience mapping – Guest/patient journey assessment
  • YWS – Definition of Your Wellness Story
  • Product/Segment Matrix Definition – Identification of the most fitting segment/product combos
  • STP Marketing (Segmentation, Targeting, Positioning)
  • Competitiveness Improvement – Application of the Blue Ocean Strategy to market positioning