rWX Wellbeing Experience Planning & Design

rWX – Wellbeing Experience Planning & Design (Tool #7)

The rWX Tool reviews the current customer journeys and the user/patient experience(s) (CX/UX/PX) offered. The key touchpoints and the potential gaps in the service design and in the delivery are identified. Wellbeing-improving experience design does not only follow UX/CX/PX design principles and tools, but also considers how those experience components may contribute the to the customer’s wellbeing. The rWX Tool defines how the business can shift from user/customer/patient  (UX/CX/PX) experience focus to responsible Wellbeing eXperience (rWX) focus. Adding responsibility to the mix rWX design offers comprehensive solutions to the current market expectations such as the transformative and the regenerative nature of service offers.

RWX design identifies major guest touchpoints, relevant storyboards, and guest flow improvements. Such developments can be rather meaningful for healthcare providers, but equally critical for any hospitality, spa, leisure, entertainment and even for wellness business!

We help you create your very own wellbeing story and DNA!

rWX - Wellbeing Experience Planning & Design