Well-o-Scan / Med-o-Scan

Well-o-Scan / Med-o-Scan – Reviewing Current Status (Tool #1)

It is prudent to carry out a comprehensive scan of current service provision and brand proposition in terms of wellness and/or medical services. Tool #1 is particularly effective for businesses and destinations that already target wellness and/or medical customers, travellers to certain degree.

The Well-O-Scan for wellness & Med-o-Scan for healthcare businesses provides commentary on the current state of affairs.

  • Resources (wellness and/medical)
  • Staff (permanent or contracted)
  • Operation Characteristics, and
  • Current and Future Business Objectives and Targets.

The Well-O-Scan & Med-o-Scan solution is created for online use. Both have 12 modules with 60 questions each. The information and data collected help HTWWLife team to provide operators and destinations with the most appropriate strategy & operations specific commentary.

Should you wish to preview Well-O-Scan or Med-O-Scan contact us directly for a demo.