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The 99 Lighthouses Project – A converging Intelligence

Lighthouses show light as well as direction. We are looking for projects, development and destinations that do both. They shine light on a great example that successfully combines the sustainability and the wellbeing-orientation concepts. Such projects and destinations can pave the way to a new, more compelling and responsible approach applied to hospitality, leisure, entertainment, healthcare, travel, wellness and spa. Such examples are especially inspiring when businesses, destinations as well as administrative bodies look for relevant development directions post-COVID19! The 99 Lighthouses show how a more responsible, transformational, and restorative business approach can actually be successfully implemented.

Recommend a project or a destination that represents a successful implementation of responsible wellbeing. Make sure that you highlight the most relevant components and characteristics. Do tell all the relevant details and share your success story. We are more than happy to share your inspiring work!

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The Lighthouses

Zen Resort Bali

Zen Resort Bali

Project/Destination URL: Type of Project:  hotel, resort retreat destination spa Key Focus Areas: Wellness Holistic/spiritual Health/healing Wellbeing Domains: Spiritual Intellectual Environmental Psychological Social Emotional UN...