We have been involved in formal, academic education and industry training programmes for 25+ years. We understand that the success of health-related services is very much based on the human capital.

Where it is capacity building or skills improvement, curriculum development or investor workshops we have the in-house knowledge and global understanding of the importance of local resources. Based on our extensive international network both in the medical and the wellness domain our education and training programmes build on the most relevant and up-to-date information, market intelligence and tools. See our relevant references here.

We understand that the even the greatest idea may left unfolded without not being properly introduced, translated and implemented. Destination managers, product developers, property and operation managers as well as investors can all benefit from a little bit of hand-holding. Our personal mentoring provides the necessary capacity building that can become the essential foundation of a more competitive, profitable investment and better performing operations.

Our services include:

  • Tailor-made masterclasses for industry representatives and in-house trainings (product and experience development, benchmarking, destination and cluster management, competitiveness improvement, marketing)
  • Skills and techniques development training course (operations improvement)
  • Mentoring managers, product and service (such as treatment) developers, investors and marketers
  • Curriculum development for regular education programmes
  • Development and delivery of courses for undergraduate, graduate and post-graduate programmes
  • Development and delivery of summer/winter school courses and programmes