Destinations can be either geographical areas or specific service providers, such as resorts, spas, hospitals or retreats that offer complex services in and around health, wellness, healthcare and wellbeing. HTWW Team helps destinations to define, develop, implement and nurture their unique value and experience proposition in the health and travel arenas. Our destination development approach looks at the development directions, best fitting product/market alternatives and considers management, network development and implementation issues.Our services include:

  • Destination Development Strategy and Action Plan
  • Feasibility Review
  • Development Implementation Support
  • Monitoring and Impact Assessment
  • Concept Identification

HTWW Tool - Medical and Wellness Tourism Readiness Heatmap

We have created the first comprehensive assessment tool that identifies the critical areas for development. The Medical and Wellness Tourism Readiness Heatmap look at all the critical areas and functions destinations and facilities may need to consider if they were interested in entering wellness or medical tourism. The output for Readiness is the heatmap which is the decision making support tool for senior management.

The heatmap is available for:

  • Wellness tourism service providers
  • Medical tourism service providers, and
  • Destinations which are already or wish to be engaged in Health Tourism (either medical or wellness)