HTWWLife team have been invited to present at a large number of professional and academic events all around the world. We are proud to mention that we have been presenting and talking about wellbeing, wellness, healthcare, health and travel related topics and subjects in over 100 locations worldwide.

László is known for his disruptive, yet informative, inspirational as well as entertaining talks and presentations. He often talks about experience engineering and development, health destination management, marketing and competiveness in health tourism and performance benchmarking.

Melanie uses her academic and research background to create analytical and visionary talks about how lifestyles and wellbeing are being influenced by social, environmental or political factors. She focuses on holistic concepts of wellness and applies a cross-cultural dimension to her work.

Events and talks in 2023:

  • 22 November: Wellness Hospitality Conference (Milano)
  • 10-12 October: 6h BalkanSpa Summit (Belgrade)
  • 23 June: 2023 NYC Experience Wellness & Travel (New York, USA)
  • 8 June: 49th UNWTO Regional Commission for the Middle East & the “Medical & Wellness Tourism Conference” (Dead Sea, Jordan)
  • 4-5 May: 1st Heatlh Travel International Congress (online, presentations)
  • 24-25 April: 2nd Medical Wellness Congress (St. Anton, Austria, link, podcast with StarrCast about Medical Wellness)
  • 17 March: The Healthusiasm Podcast: Human Enhancement, Health Equity & Transformational Travel (podcast)
  • 9 March: Health and Wellness Travel Track, ITB (Berlin, Germany)
  • 24 January: Global Wellness Economy: From Opportunity to a Successful Development. The Greek Case (online / recording)

HTWWLife Team delivered the following talks, presentations and trainings in 2022:

HTWWLife Team delivered the following talks, presentations and trainings in 2021 (video interview highlights)

  • 18 November: How Travel Professionals and Travel Companies Can Make a Travel Experience a bit more Wellnessified? (webinar recording)
  • 13-14 October: NoRSA-ESPON Fonference (hybrid)
  • 8 October: Spa & Wellness Tourism – Development, Perspectives and Experiences, Singidunum International Tourism Conference (hybrid, proceedings)
  • 25 August: Inspiring Conversations with Wellness Warriors by StarrCast (podcast)
  • 23-25 July: Busan International Wellness Conferece (hybrid, recording)
  • 24-25 May: Wellness Travel 2030 – Arabian Travel Market (online)
  • 19 May: Las Nuevas Fronteras del Turismo de Salud y Bienestar (podcast with Victor Saadia)
  • 18-19 May: Spring into Recovery Webinar, International Institute Gastronomy, Culture, Arts & Tourism (online)
  • 21 April: Asia Pacific Spa & Wellness Coalition ThinkTank 2030 – Wellness Travel 2030 Part 1 (recording)
  • 14 April: Wellness Experience by Organic Spa Magazine (Getting to the Heart of Wellness & Low Impact, High Experience Travel Sessions)
  • 26 March: Challenges and Opportunities for Thermal and Medical Spas in the V4 Countries (WellSpaV4 research report)
  • 26 March: Asia Pacific Spa & Wellness Coalition Webinar: Spilling the Beans on Wellness (recording)
  • 25 March: Health Tourism: Light at the end of the COVID-19 tunnel webinar (presentation & recording)
  • 12 March: ITB Expert Forum Wellness: Wellness & Travel. Outlook for Europe post-COVID19 (presentation)
  • 25 February: TravTalk MiddleEast Digital Conclave: TRAVEL in 2021 – Finding happiness through wellness travel (online)
  • 16 February: Wellness in Hospitality with Sonal Uberoi (online)

We have run series Webinars on Health Tourism in 2020 and 2021. You may find the transcripted discussions here:

  • Health Tourism Phoenix: Rising from the Ashes (recording)
  • Health Tourism: Light at the End of the COVID19 Tunnel (recording)
  • Health Tourism Markets: Working Towards the Thaw (recording)
  • Health Tourism: The Road Ahead Updated (recording)
  • Health Tourism: The Road Ahead after COVID19 (recording)
  • Health Tourism Grounded: Crisis Communication (recording)

HTWWLife Team delivered the following talks, presentations and trainings in 2020:

  • 14 December (online): ΣOUL TAILORΣ TALK: Medical, Wellness & Health, the merge and opportunities arising (link)
  • 9 December (online) Spa Business Education: Wellness Tourism Now & In the Future
  • 29 November (online workshop) insigHT2020/Malaysia Healthcare Travel Council Conference: Post-COVID Marketing for Medical Tourism to Stay Ahead
  • 13 November (online) Future of Wellness Conference: How many pillars of wellbeing exist?
  • 12-13 November Crikvenica International Health Tourism Conference: Clusters & Associations 4.0 (presentation)
  • 10 November (online) Medical Tourism International Forum: What does Wellness Mean Post-COVID19?
  • 8 October (online) LitCare Podcast Series with Grazvydas Morkus: Health Travel During COVID-19. A Paradigm Shift?
  • 1 October (online) Arabian Hotel Investment Conference/AHIC Day 3: Investing in Wellness the Right Way to Ensure ROI (review)
  • 11 September (online) IGCAT Annual Conference: Exploring Linkages Between Food, Well-being and Sustainable Tourism
  • 27 July Music Cities Community Webinar: Panel on Music and Wellbeing (review)
  • 22 June WTM Global Hub: What Industry Stakeholders can tell us about the Future of Wellness Tourism
  • 11-13 March & 29-30 April (Chur, Switzerland) Minor in Health Tourism Management Course (Fachhochschule Graubünden)
  • 10-14 February (Parnu, Estonia) Health Tourism Course (University of Tartu, Parnu Kolledz)
  • 24 January (Vilnius, Lithuania) Health Tourism: Luxury or Necessity Forum

HTWWLife Team planned to deliver the following talks, presentations and trainings in 2020:

  • 19-21 March (Seoul, South Korea) Medical Korea 2020
  • 11 March (Da Nangh, Vietnam) APSWC Annual Workshop 2020
  • 5 March (Berlin, Germany) Expert Forum Wellness ITB 2020
  • 11-12 May (Punta Cana, Dominican Republic) Punta Cana Wellness

You can learn about our talks and approaches from a selection of presentations we are happy to share with you. You can access them via our SlideShare account.