We believe that the development of health tourism can be fostered by academic research and publications. We aim to become the missing link between industry and academia. Both parties can learn from the other. Academic research and publications can be useful for industry advancement. Industry intelligence can provide the essential input for academic research. We are proud to be advocating the cooperation between academia and industry.

Marketing handbook title page

Puczkó, L. and I. Stackpole (2021)
Handbook of Health Tourism Marketing, Amazon

A practical guide to successful health, wellness & medical tourism


Global healthcare markets are in upheaval with the novel coronavirus & COVID-19 pandemic. The challenges and opportunities for destinations, and providers of wellness, evidence-based therapeutic and healthcare services have never been more complicated!

Established places and businesses are looking for ways to remain competitive, and new entrants to these markets are looking for paths to success. The Marketing Handbook for Health Tourism offers practical, applicable insights for all these audiences.


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Articles in Industry Publications

We are often invited by leading industry journals and magazines to contribute. We have been authoring articles based on our very own industry intelligence and also have been contributing with thought provoking think-pieces. Topics and themes we have covered include the relationship between hospitality, leisure and wellbeing, the role of associations and clusters in medical tourism or product development in wellness, healthcare, hospitality, leisure and spa.

Academic Publications

Academic research and publications are often labelled by industry as being too general, too high level and not practical enough. We believe that the research, analysis and synthesis of the relationships between healthcare, wellbeing , wellness, spa and travel is considered to be a form of applied science. Academic publications represent a rigorous approach and systematic assessment of the past, present as well as likely future development directions. Brows our academic publications and share your opinions with us!


Book chapters

Journal Articles

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Edited Journals

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