The WElligma: Unlock your Wellbeing Potentials

Based on 10+ years of research, market intelligence development and scientific research we identified the ways in which wellbeing can be incorporated to travel, leisure, healthcare, spa, entertainment and hospitality businesses. We applied the scientific understanding of wellbeing, i.e. “A state of being or a feeling which is achieved by connections with family or community, with an emphasis upon making the best of life by self contentment and less stress” to the leisure, travel/hospitality and healthcare sectors’ circumstances. The scientific understanding of wellbeing includes the following components:

  1. Work-life Balance
  2. Financial Stability
  3. Looking One’s Best
  4. Feeling One’s Best
  5. Spirituality
  6. Happiness
  7. Fitness

We adapt one or more components to travel, hospitality, healthcare, entertainment, spa and leisure businesses and destinations.

Applying and adapting the tools and methods of strategic management triangulated by the wellbeing approach and game theory we created the state-of-the-art WElligma development tollbox. The tools provide a step-by-step approach helping businesses and destinations to define and consequently to achieve the wellbeing improvement objectives and targets.

The application of the tools can provide sufficient answers to questions such as: How to improve the wellbeing of guests? How to attract wellness-motivated guests & tourists? How to merge healthcare, hospitality, leisure, entertainment and wellness? How to achieve higher level of wellbeing for our employees?How to wellnessify my servies?

Putting in simply: the WElligma tools facilitate the wellnessification of hotels, resorts, spas, recreation, wellness centres, entertainment venues, leisure & healthcare facilities, retreats and destinations – any place that attracts and caters for visitors. We help you to unlock the secret of the wellbeing enigma. We provide you with the most suitable wellness engagement levels and styles appropriate to the property, attraction or destination.

The WELLigma toolbox with its 11 tools provide the foundations to achieve our mission: we are the go-to resource for any business, organisation and destination that aims to improvbe its guests’ as well as its employees’ wellbeing.