We understand that both planning and operation improvement need a rather wide range of market and operation intelligence, knowledge and specialized skills and experiences from all around the world. That is why we provide clients with alternative solutions, relevant clues and not only with services.

Wellbeing, wellness, medical, healing and healthcare approaches and services are constantly changing. Seemingly similar terminologies may mean very different things in different cultures. Destination and project developers, investors, managers and marketers often need help and specific market intelligence in understanding how glocalisation of health interest can work in their location.

Our strategy preparation and planning approach applies the Blue Ocean Strategy framework. The HTWW Team offers targeted market intelligence and bechmarking to clients for wellness, medical and health-focused projects. We are able to identify the range of information and data based on which our clients can develop, re-define or re-launch their services or brand.

The key to our benchmarking is the understanding of what kind of information should be collected and which of those would be relevant to the actual project. Our services include:

  • Market and Marketing Research
  • Destination and Value Benchmarking
  • Marketing Intelligence Development

Our latest research project invites you for taking part in revisiting our visionary 4WResearch: Well What for Whom and Where from 2012. You can share your opinion in the new 4WResearch: Well What for Whom and Where 2030 project here.

HTWW Tool – International Wellness, Spa and Travel Monitor

We have created and have been running the International Wellness, Spa and Tourism Monitor since 2011. This is one of the very few tools that collects data and information from wellness and spa facility operators all around the world. The key findings of IWSTM projects can be accessed here.