Destinations, hospitality brands, independent hotels, spas or hospitals, wellness product and service providers are all in the business of creating and selling wellbeing enhancing experiences. These experiences, however, are of a very personal or even of a confidential nature.

We help destinations and providers when defining, developing and implementing their wellbeing experience (WX) programme and product. This is our understanding of user experience (UX) service design within healthcare, wellness and spa environments. Our goal is to drive clients from the service business stage to the transformation business, when guests are happy to become engaged in treatments, services and experiences since they can see the benefits they will receive.

Our services include:

  • Conceptual Definition
  • WX D – Wellbeing Experience Mapping and Definition
  • WX E – Experience Engineering
  • Organizational Transformation Support
  • Guest and Patient Journey Definition

HTWW Tool –The Experience Gym

In our Experience Gym we train service providers, brands as well as product makers to perfect strengthen and streamline their experience production and delivery. In the gym we follow the key steps of guest journey creation and perfection and help clients to be able to implement those steps.