Value Proposition Definition

Tool #4: The WElligma locates your business and destination on the Proposition Grid. This grid helps us to identify not only the current status and position but also the direction your business or destination may want to be. The wellnessification approach applied to the the service proposition offers businesses and destination with the opportunity to create a more complete as well as more compelling product portfolio and brand position.


Every element of this grid brings its very own characteristics both in terms of value as well as brand propositions.

The Healthy Services spectrum can be applied to any business and destination. It does not need to be wellness-focused. Leisure centres, recreation facilities, themed attractions, healthcare providers can as much as  benefit from the wellnessification as accommodation facilities, travel companies or wellness centers.

The Medical Tourism and the Wellness Tourism spectrums define very focused directions that have direct impacts not only on the service mix offered but also on the fitting brand proposition. Our tool helps to identify the most competitive alternative!