Wellbeing Readiness

Tool #2: Identification of how wellnessified your business is.

Based on the information and data collected the WElligma identifies how ready your business or destination is for guests with wellness demand, for wellness tourism, wellness-infused leisure and hospitality, or for medical travel. We look at how deeply the wellness-orientation is rooted in the business approach and in the service delivery.

Our 5-point readiness scale provides the foundation for the critical business decisions:
1. Novice
2. Beginner
3. Skilled
4. Seasoned, or
5. Pro.

Every level on the scale comes with relevant characteristics and recommendations should your business or destination wich to move to the next level.

We highlight that not every business or destination could or more importantly should become wellness-focused. What every business and destination should consider, however, is how to further wellnessify their business approach and service delivery. The position of the scale gives a very good indication about what business objectives and targets can be considered realistic in terms of wellness-orientation or wellness focus.