Wellbeing Product-levels

Tool #10: Identification of Relevant Product-levels!

Conteporary product development approaches go beyond the definition of the technical parameters. It is understood that there is at least 3 additional product-levels that need special attention.

The WElligma identifies the most suitable wellbeing-oriented and wellnessified solutions and the services that can support each product level.

We help your business or destination to define what kind of core benefits may provide the most compelling value proposition to the brand, to the property or the destination. The strong wellbeing-orientation can suggest benefits that may not have been considered so far. Based on our in-house market intelligence and data learned from externatl sources we define the most fitting additional product-level alternatives. Such product development approach leaves businesses and sdestination with room for further development. The augmented and the potential product levels can represent the product characteristics that can be brough closer to the core during the lifetime of the product. We open the door to new directions and market opportunities.