The WElligma Heatmap

Tool #5: Defining Critical Tasks & Developments

One of the WElligma milestones is the preparation of the WElligma Heatmap. This strategic planning and management solution highlights all those areas and actions that would be necessary to make your business wellness-ready or provides a more wellnessified proposition.

Heatmaps are very decision making tools. The heatmap summarizes all the critical tasks, actions and developments. Every cell of the heatmap has a strong meaning. Not the number of itmes in the red section is important more like the associated impact and cost implications. Both in medical and wellness tourism, but also in any other business in leisure, recreation and entertainment such heatmap gives a well grounded summary of potential developoment options ahead.

As a popular and powerful C-suite tool the adapated WElligma Heatmap provides the management with a clear interpretation of what to do and what not to do.