We strongly believe that the way a head is a strong and close integration between wellness, leisure, healthcare, entertainment, spa and hospitality. With the assistance from the various WElligma tools and solutions we help you to move from the nice-to-have approach to a closer integration – for mutual benefits! It has been extensively discussed how wellness helps to improve ROI. At HTWW we believe that there is another question, i.e. how much of wellness becomes as integral part of the entry-level services? To stay in business and being competitive require the integration at entry-level

Corporate decisions are set at C-suite level. We introduce your W-suite!

Since the integration of and the mutual understanding between the various components of wellness, leisure, spa, healthcare, entertainment and hospitality is still at its infancy stage developers, owners and destinations may need to revisit their practices.

Why? Because of:

  • The underestimation of the role and contribution of wellness to revenue generation,
  • The overdevelopment of spa/wellness/healthcare spaces, as a result the overspending on CAPEX & OPEX, and
  • The underperformance of GOP and other profitability measure, and the underperformance in the eyes of the customers.

The application of the W-suite will help your organization, business and destination to minimize overdevelopment and overspending, avoid underperformance and define the right expectations and contribution!