Tool #8: Gamified Objectives Definition

Do you think that bingo is only a game and not relevant to strategic planning and development? Let us help you reconsider what a wellbeing-infused strategy and the wellnessified imploementation means in wellness, leisure, spa, hospitality, entertainment and in healthcare!

Based on 25+ years of experience the WTBingo (for wellness) & MTBingo (for healthcare) with your active participation will identify which of the critical success factors can be applicable for your business, destination or service. The 16 bingo rectangles hide the 16 elements of successful and sustainable business & service development. Playing bingo can be a revealing experience. Many CEOs and C-Suite decision makers have already played this bingo with us and they all new aspects and considerations about their very own businesses. After the identification of the Wellbeing Straregy Approach, being  that either, Red, Blue or Purple Strategy the bingo takes decision makers’ thinking to the next level. Wellbeing-opientation and wellnessified implementation requires new sets of skills as well as rewired intra- as well as extra-organizational processes, networks, partnerships, human resources and skills as well as monitoring.

Let us help you to unfold your lucky cells! This game works best with the support of a MasterClass.